On Thursday night, a Kansas City news station released an audio recording of Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill and his fiancee Crystal Espinal discussing their son’s broken arm.  In the disturbing audio, Hill could be heard threatening Espinal after she told him that his son was afraid of him.

The release of the audio led to the Chiefs suspending Hill and the police paying a visit to the couple’s Kansas City area home.

Via TMZ Sports:

A spokesperson for the Overland Park Police Department confirms two units were sent to the Kansas City Chiefs star’s Overland Park, Kansas home around 8:30 PM local time.

The audio tapes purportedly capturing Hill threatening his fiancee during a heated conversation about their child abuse case had gone public just around 2 hours prior to the police call.

A spokesperson wouldn’t tell us the specific nature of the call, but suggested it was connected to the release of the audio tapes.

The first thing that crossed my mind after listening to the tape was I hoped Espinal wasn’t with Hill when the news broke.  Hopefully it was a preemptive visit by the police and there was no violence that had taken place.

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