There are days and there are special days. The special days need special treatment. Part of that treatment is getting some cool rides to transport you and your friends to the chosen venue of celebration. This is where limos and party buses come in. 

Both of these vehicles are excellent in make and offer great service to their users. The confusing part, however, is when someone should hire them. To decipher this confusion, here is an overview of each of these options and when they are best suited for hire:

  1.   The Party Bus

For most events, people tend to hire out a venue, say a hotel or club and then hire a vehicle to take them there. A party bus, however, is big and spacious enough to serve as a venue. It can hold up to 50 passengers. One good thing about a party bus is you can set up a mini DJ station and hire a DJ for your music. If you are planning on getting one, MusicCritic has you covered.

Party buses have a high ceiling and ample room that makes it possible for people to engage in various fun activities. These buses come with a party vibe. The lighting and decor in them can be customized to your liking. They are versatile and can serve many functions apart from just transport.

They can be converted into a mini club or dancehall where everyone in them can groove to the music, enjoy some drinks, and go wild with fun. Guys going for a sports game can hire a party bus and hype themselves up on the bus before getting to the game. They are also ideal to hire when going for a bachelorette or birthday party or any event that’s hyped up.

The buses also come with extra amenities like a stocked bar, a private VIP room, show lights, TVs, fog machines, laser lights and maid service.

  1.   The Limo

Limos are deemed to be the epitome of luxury when it comes to vehicles. They are associated with glamor and class, red carpets and big names. Anytime you see a limo, you automatically know that something big is happening and people with some level of command, respect, and status will be showing up.

Politicians, rappers, movie stars, and other famous people do hire limos to grace various events. But limos are not limited to this category of people only. The average people without these big titles do also hire limos.

They come in handy to hire during events like weddings to carry the bride and the maids, during a graduation party to usher the graduate to his or her party in style, during a book launch to give the author a feeling of achievement, a birthday party to celebrate an extra year, and many more amazing events.

Limos carry a cool vibe. They give people riding in them some level of privacy. They are comfortable, less noisy compared to party buses, and command some respect.


That being said, both party buses and limos will do the job for you. It’s all about what you want for your special event. If you’re looking to hire any of the two, you can get a price quote from Price 4 Limo & Bus Rental.