Historically, men have been more involved in gambling than women, who were either not welcome in establishments that featured gambling games or only allowed to watch. 

In modern times, those restrictions are gone but gambling in casinos is still a man’s world. The number of women who play in brick and mortar casinos is significantly lower than that of men. Some 18% of casino goers are women while 82% are men. However, when it comes to playing casino games online such as slots or money bingo, the numbers are almost equal between men and women.

The Difference Between The Sexes 

  • Spending priorities between men and women are also different. Studies find that as an example, a man will think nothing of spending $125.00 on games for a gaming console or gambling deposit, while women would think that $85.00 was more comfortable. 
  • Men begin gambling in their 20’s on average, while women tend to begin to gamble in their 30’s.
  • Women who play bingo online will deposit substantially less and less often than men when adding to their online casino deposit account.
  • Men prefer dealer games such as blackjack, Roulette or poker. Women are less inclined to participate in dealer games as much and will prefer to play slot games or bingo games. 
  • Women are less likely to develop a gambling addiction than men.
  • According to a recent study, when given an equal bankroll to gamble with, women were 15% more successful than men in terms of winning. On average, a man will lose $ 4,870.59 each year when gambling. Comparatively, a woman loses on average $3,491.62.  
  • Men are less social and therefore will interact with fellow gamblers or even friends far less often than women will. Conversely, women tend to enjoy the social aspect of gambling; especially when they are either playing bingo online or in a bingo hall or casino. This behavior is most likely because they can meet others and socialize in addition to having the potential to win money.
  • Most women who gamble are far more strategic than men. Women’s wagers tend to be more frugal and they also will try to draw out gameplay as long as possible in order to increase their odds of winning.
  • Celebrities who lend their names and their experiences to gambling activities tend to draw in members of both sexes. However, more often women tend to like and identify with celebrities who play. Paris Hilton and Sharon Osborne have both a love for and have had real success when gambling. Celebrity players give gambling more credibility.
  • Women tend to risk less money, especially when playing money bingo or other online casino games. Men are much more likely to take chances or more risks when gambling. They will place larger wagers. However, women can be very tenacious and will display more aggressive tendencies when gambling than men will.  

Why It’s Important

While most players don’t think too much about who is gambling, this information between the habits of men and women is very useful to casinos and bingo halls both online and off. When armed with such data, these businesses can analyze the information and then design campaigns and promotions that cater to women or men. Such promotions are used to encourage one or the other or both to try new games or to play games more often. 

Many online sites will feature the names and faces of players who have won in the past. Occasionally men are shown winning it big, but far more often it’s women who occupy the winner’s circle. Because women have an inherent sense of competition and tendency toward social interaction, they are more inclined to play if there are other women to talk to.

Do you notice a difference in the sexes when you gamble online or in a casino? Share your thoughts with us.