Without guidance, the number of online betting sites available today might make you think it’s impossible to tell the good from the bad. Even among the biggest names there are countless sites and platforms that try to entice players to use their site, play their games and bet their odds. Then you have all the new and runner up sites, making the choice even more complicated. 

Today, though, we’re going to look at some of the most important factors in choosing a good betting site—and in turn, to help you make your decision about what to do. 

Read on to find out more. 

  • Security

It might not be the most exciting feature, but your number one concern should always be the security of your data. In recent years, cyber attacks have increased as much as 750% across the world, and massive data leaks have been a huge part of that. 

But it’s not just your personal information that you risk on a site with poor security. It’s your funds and winnings, too. 

Make sure the site offers multiple secure payment methods like VISA, and that it uses features like 2FA to protect your accounts. 

The U.K. Gambling Commission has issued licenses to literally hundreds of online betting sites, but the fact is not all have the same level of security and reliability. Vet this carefully. 

  • Promotions and offers

So, once you’re sure that the sites you’re considering are safe and secure, the next thing you’ll want to know is how much their welcome offer is enticing you over other sites. According to review site topbettingsites Ireland, more or less all major betting sites will offer some kind of attractive sign-up bonus. For example, you might get £50 worth of free bets for your first deposit of £10. 

As more and more betting sites have sprung up over the years, they’ve had to compete with each other in increasingly creative ways. The main and most obvious way they have done this is via their promotions and bonuses. And don’t only look at the welcome bonuses, either. The best sites will offer ongoing seasonal and event promotions. 

If the site you’re looking at doesn’t offer a good bonus compared with other sites, you should leave it for now—you can always check back later if they’ve improved their offer. 

  • Functionality 

Finally, again not as exciting as that welcome offer but still really important is going to be the functionality and how well the site works. If you plan to use the site a lot, or even a little but still regularly, you’re going to get frustrated quite quickly if the site keeps crashing, loads slowly, or never seems to work properly. 

This goes for both browser sites and mobile apps. Especially when it comes, say, to sports betting, where you may want to have minute to minute updates on what’s happening. With a slow, poorly performing app or site, you’re much more likely to have a problem. 

It can be difficult to know exactly how well a site functions without using it for long, so I would suggest trying a few out for a week or two and deciding which one seems to work the best. 


So, while there may be many platforms to choose from, and a lot of factors to consider, there a couple that you need to look for before anything else. Finding the sites that tick the above boxes will really help you weed out the choices you should disregard, and this is the first and most important step to finding the betting site for you.