Within a day of the shooting of David Ortiz at a bar in the Dominican Republic it was reported that a drug lord had put a hit on the former MLB star for having an affair with his wife.  

A few days after that, the woman who was allegedly at the center of the dispute that led to the shooting was identified.  Her name is Maria Yeribell Martinez Garcia and she has denied any involvement, despite a video that circulated of her fighting another one of Ortiz’s mistresses at the hospital shortly after the shooting.

Then there were documents leaked online, including a check signed by Ortiz, that showed he had purchased an $84k Lexus for Yeribell the day before he was shot.

Now there is a timeline of events that has been released on Twitter that identifies the alleged drug lord as Cesar El Abusador.  It also claims that the hit was not to kill Ortiz, but to leave him paralyzed from the waist down.  Check out that timeline below or CLICK HERE.

This is one of the wildest stories involving a former athlete of all-time.  Even if only a little bit of it is true and from the documentation and video that has surfaced, at least a little bit of it appears to be true.

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