Kendall Jenner and Lakers young star Kyle Kuzma “took a romantic cruise” aboard a yacht on the Fourth of July, before Kendall headed to a party in Malibu where she reportedly avoided speaking to her ex Ben, who was also there.

Of course all these days later, reports are now coming out the two are just friends. What took so long?  

According to a report from TMZ, sources say the two are just friends. Maybe so. 

But this isn’t the first time they’ve been spotted together, which makes you wonder, why are they spending time with another? 

The Lakers star and the supermodel were also spotted together at West Hollywood club Poppy on June 28th. Just a few days before they were spotted together on a Yacht 🤔

West Hollywood, CA – *EXCLUSIVE* – Kendall Jenner was spotted arriving at “Poppy” nightclub with Kyle Kuzma at 12:40 AM in different cars. The group left at 1:25 AM with Kendall leaving first, followed by Kyle, who left with a big smile on his face

Check out the screenshots below:  

So there you have it. The PR has been put out that they’re just friends, but facts are facts. 

After all the hoopla, I’m pretty sure if they were at the very beginning stages of a budding romance, it’s probably over, for now. 

We’ll keep an eye on things. We always do.  

In the meantime you can check out some pics of Kyle’s “Friend” Kendall below:

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